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M. W. Fourqurean &c vs Lucy Boxley's Exor } The answer of Henry Easley Sr. Admr of Thomas E Owen decd. to a bill of complaint exhibited against the said Thos E Owen & others in the Circuit Court of Halifax County, by M. W. Fourqurean & W.R. Fourqurean which suit was after the death of said Owen revived against this respondent. This defendant now and at all times hereafter saving and reserving to himself all manner of benefit and advantages of exception to the Manifold errors, uncertainties &c in said Complainants bill of Complaint contained, for answer thereto or to so much thereof as he is advised it is material for him to answer, answering saith, that he admits the death of Lucy Boxley in 1857. She having first made & published her last will & testament, and that the same was duly admitted to record by the County Court of Halifax Co. at its June term 1851, and that at the same time Danl W. Fourqurean qualified as Exor thereof and entered into bond for the faithful discharge of his duties as such Exor, in the penalty of $30000 with W. T. Fourqurean & Wm L Owen as his sureties, these facts appearing from the record of said County Court; respondent further admits the statements made in the bill in reference to said Will; respondent further admits that it appears from a copy of the deed filed in this cause, that the said D. W. Fourqurean Exor of Lucy Boxley decd did sell to