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By same Have you had any conversation with M. W. Fourqurean in regard to the indebtedness to him of W. T. Fourqurean Adm of Danl W fourqurean if so please state the substance of that conversation Ansr We have talked about the matter since Col W. T. Fourqureans death. Mat told me or left the impression on my mind that he had settled with his father so far as he was concerned himself By same You are here shewn two paper writings copies of which marked respectively "X & Y" are herewith filed one purporting to be a bond for $1680.00 executed in May 1880 to M. W. Fourqurean by W. T. Fourqurean the other a bond for $1680.00 of the same date executed by W. T. Fourqurean to W. R. Fourqurean. please state if you ever heard M. W. Fourqurean make any statement in regard to this bond and of the consideration for which it was executed to him Ansr. My impression was that it was given to settle up what Col Fourqurean supposed was due Mat upon the settlement of that estate (that is Lucy Boxleys Estate) which the Col had in charge. Mat told me that he had had a settlement with his father and had his bond. By same: Did not W. T. Fourqurean just before his death execute a deed of trust to secure these bonds? Answer Yes I think he did By same; Did you or [not or Nat?] employ Counsel to bring suit to avoid this deed on the ground that W. T. Fourqurean did not owe M. W. Fourqurean anything & that the deed for that reason should be set aside Ansr I suggested that to my counsel I think; counsel was employed to protect the interest of several claiming to be legatees in the Estate of Lucy Boxleys by her will By same Do you know whether a suit to set aside said deed so far as M W Fourqurean was concerned was brought? Ansr I do not think a suit of that kind was brought.