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By same: Were you not in suggesting to your Counsel a suit of that kind under the impression that you would be able to show that W. T. Fourqurean did not owe M. W. Fourqurean the amount for which said deed & bond were executed? Ansr I was under that impression so far as M. W. Fourqurean was concerned By Same: Do you Know anything about Col Fourqurean's paying any money for M. W. Fourqurean Ansr I never saw him pay any for him but was under the impression that he had paid some for him from conversations I had with Col Fourqurean. Cross Examin quest by Pffs cnsl } Please state if you know of the sale of any of the slaves mentioned in Lucy Boxleys will and if so what you know & from what source you derived your information Ansr Col W. T. Fourqurean sold three of them Matilda, (called Till) & her baby & a boy Newman. I learned this from Col Fourqurean & from connection with his family. 5 By same For what price were they sold. Ansr I can not say positively but I think the woman & child sold for $900.00 & I do not know what the boy Newman sold for. By same Who were the living children of Eliza E. Fourqurean at the death of Lucy Boxley Ansr Danl W. Fourqurean Lucy W. Fourqurean, W. R. Fourqurean & M. W. Fourqurean By same Were any born soon after her death and if so what were their names Ansr Parthenia W. Fourqurean my wife was born soon afterwards the family record will state exactly when By same Who were the living children of Mrs E. E. Fourqurean at the time of her death