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Milton about 18 years Samuel about 16 Leander " 15 " Adam " 12 John " 10 " George " 9 Grisella " 8 " " " 13 Caroline " 9 " Malissa " 9 Logan " 8 " William " 3 Amanday " 15 " " " 8 or 9 Christopher " 9 " Parthenia " 5 Daniel " 1 This is just my estimate of their ages as I could not state exactly what their ages were. By same Please state whether Daniel W. Fourqurean ever sold any of these slaves or ever hired them out. Ansr Not that I ever heard of By same Please state all you know about the purchase of a tract of land by Dabney Ragland from Daniel W. Fourqurean Exr of Lucy Boxley decd. Ansr The land was sold the same year she died Col W. T. Fourqurean stuck up a notice to rent the land for the next year & then Dabney Ragland hearing of it told me not to rent it out till he 8 saw me again and he went to see Mr Fourqurean about it & when he came back said that he had bought it and was to pay 2400$ for it. he said that he had no money to pay for it & I told him that his credit was good. Cross Exam. Quest by Plffs cusl } I see that you have stated that "Till" was about 30 years of age what was her value Ansr She was a healthy & very valuable negro woman at that time, big & strong. By same What were such women worth Ansr I do not know. All I can say that she was very likely By same When did Miss Lucy Boxley die Ansr She died in May or June 1851 By same What was the boy Newman worth