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Ansr M. W. - W. R. - Parthenia W. - S. W. - Sallie R. - Annie e. - Bettie B. - Ballard P. - Benj B. - Josephine J. By same What were the dates of their birth Ansr The family register will shew, I think my wife was born May 8th 1852 By same What are the names of your wifes children Ansr Wm R & Ralston Betts Jr By same you have alluded to the employment of counsel was not this done with the view of examining into and protecting the interests of the younger children of Eliza E. Fourqurean decd and of recovering for them what was due them from the Est of Lucy Boxley decd and recover it wheresoever it might be found. Ansr It was By same When did your conversations with Col. W. T. Fourqurean in regards to his indebtedness to M. W. Fourqurean take place Ansr When I was in co-partnership with him: doing business with him By same Was it not prior to May 1880 Ansr It was. he deid in June 1880 By same You have stated that M. W. Fourqurean told you that he had settled with his father for so much as was due him. Did M W Fourqurean say that his father had paid him anything or that he was not indebted to him Ansr He did not say that he had paid him any money but that he had had a settlement with his father of their old estate & that he had secured him in a deed to so much land and the household furniture appraised at $600.00 with the