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the stock &c on the place By same Might not this settlement have referred to the closing of the acs between them by the bond & the securing of the same. Ansr I only understood it as referring to the settlement of this old estate & securing him by the land By same You say that you only understood it to refer to the estate of Lucy Boxley did M. W. Fourqurean tell you that his father was not indebted to him in other ways or was it merely your impression Ansr I do not think that was ever alluded to but was only my impression Ex in chief: By Defts Counsel. Please state what M W Fourqurean told you about the basis upon which the settlement between himself & W. T. Fourqurean in regard to the Lucy Boxley estate was made? Ansr He said It was made to secure to himself & W. R. Fourqurean the amt of the proceeds of the land to which he 6 thought they were entitled thinking that M. W. Fourqurean & W. R Fourqurean were at that time the only ones entitled to any part of the property devised by Lucy Boxley's will. And further this deponet saith not. E R Betts The deponent J. E. Ragland being next duly sworn deposes & says. Quest by Defts Cusel } Please state your age & occupation. Ansr My age is 44 years and my business a merchant. By same Please state if you are a son of Dabney Ragland decd & where you resided in 1852, 3 & 4. Ansr I am a son of Dabney Ragland and resided in 1852 at my fathers & in "53" I boarded a part of the year at Col W. T Fourqurean's & the balance of 53 & 54 was at the store of R. L. Ragland & Co at Hyco. By same Please state if you know whether your father