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purchased of Danl W Fourqurean Exr of Lucy Boxley decd a tract of land supposed to contain 616 acres and if so when and at what price Ansr I recollect my father saying that he had bought the Lucy Boxley tract of land and I think it was in the year 1852 I have no recollection of having heard the price mentioned By same It appears from a copy of the deed filed in this cause and referred to by J. P. Ragland in his deposition that Dabney Ragland purchased of D. W. Fourqurean Exr a tract of Land of 616 acres at the price of $2450.00. Please state if that is the same land to which you refer. Ansr It is the same. By same Did you father within your knowledge purchase of D W Fourqurean Exr any other tract of land than this tract

  Ansr   none that I know of

By same Did he about that time purchase of W. T. Fourqurean Gdn of M. W. D W. Lucy W. & W R. Fourqurean or the said W. T. Fourqurean individually any land or other property anything like the value of $2450.00 Ansr None other that I know of By same You have stated that you were then living with your father, if he had purchased property of that amount would you not have known the facts Ansr I would. By same You are here shewn what purports to have been three bonds bearing date Mch 22, 1852 two for the sum of $800.00 each, the other for $850.00 executed by Dabney Ragland to W. T. Fourqurean Gdn as aforesaid please state from your knowledge of your fathers transactions at that time This question and answer Excepted to because tending to alter the contents of a written deed - Counsel for Plaintiffs