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for what purpose said bond were given Ansr I think they were given for that tract of land. By same You are here shewn two rects signed W. T. Fourqurean one for $664.00 the other for $837.00 recd of Dabney Ragland please state from your knowledge of this transaction & from your knowledge of your father's transactions at that time for what payment the said rects were executed. Ansr For the payment of these bonds for this land this last rect of 837$ just pays off the last bond & interest for the land. By same Please state whether you have seen W. T. Fourqurean write & are acquainted with his hand writing & if so in whose handwriting the bonds & rect are written. Ansr I have seen him write & am acquainted with his handwriting and think all the papers alluded to are in his handwriting except 7 the witnesses signature to the bond. By same Please state whether it was not usual prior to the war for persons of means to buy land on time and execute their bond for the deferred payment and to take deeds to the land containing recitals of full payment of the purchase money when no money had actually been paid but merely bond executed for the purchase money. Ansr I think so, but cannot call to mind any particular case at this time. By same It appears that the signature of the obligor to the bonds of Dabney Ragland aforesaid have been torn off please explain why this was done. Ansr It was my fathers custom when he paid off a bond to tear off the signature & file the bond away. By same What was your father worth at that time.