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sd Eliza E Fourqurean to be equally divided between all of the children. It'm 4th I will and bequeath to the children of Eliza E. Fourqurean Thirteen Negro Slaves, viz, John. George. Grisella. Anabella, Caroline. Melissa. Logan William Amanda Emily Christopher, Parthena, and Daniel, and their future increase, Also my tract of land lying south side Hilo in the county of Halifax (except two acres embracing a square around the old Family Grave Yard) to them and their heirs forever. I will the land to be sold when the youngest child of Eliza E. Fourqurean arrives at lawful age, or sooner if practicable as my Executor may think proper. Itm 5th I will and bequeath to Lucy J. Boxley daughter of Thomas Boxley (Tennessee) Four Hundred Dollars in cash. Itm 6th I will and bequeath to Elizabeth T. Fourqurean daughter of Reuben D. Fourqurean One Hundred Dollars in Cash. Itm 7th I will that the Crop that may be on hand at my death or on my land be applied to the support of the Young Negroes Even to the children of Eliza E. Fourqurean. All the remaining part of my estate be