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and simplest words. It is made directly to the children of Eliza E. Fourqurean and to take effect in possession immediately on the death of the testatrix. It is therefore plainly within the rule. The gift of the slaves is direct immediate and absolute to the children. No language could have been used to bring it more clearly within the general rule of construction. There is absolutely [illegible] in the gift of the slaves on which to found an exception to it. The gift of the land also is simple, direct and immediate and the only language in the will that could possibly be used to take the case out of the general rule is to the direction that the land should be sold when the youngest child arrives at lawful age; but this is divested of any particular face or significance by the direction immediately following that is to be sold sooner if [illegible] as her executor might think [illegible]

It is to be observed that the gift is made payable when the youngest child arrives at lawful age nor the enjoyment of it postpone until that period, but the gift is immediate, its enjoyment commences at once at the death of the testatrix and is vested on her death in the children then