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To the Circuit Court of Surry County In obedience to a decree of said Court rendered at the February term 1874, in the Suit of [blank] we, the undersigned Commissioners therein named for the purpose of making partition of a certain tract of land in said decree mentioned whereof Nancy J. Fitchett died seized in Surry County supposed to be about four hundred and ninety one and one half acres adjoining the lands of the Estate of John D. Lane and William T Warren and others, so as to assign one moiety thereof to Sidney B. Barham and the other moiety thereof to the residuary devisee of Nancy J. Fitchett deceased, due reference being had to quality as well as to quantity, very respectfully report to the Court, that we did on the [blank] day of February 1874 make partition of the aforesaid tract of land in manner aforesaid by running a chopped line from a line pine on the line between the said tract of land and the land of Ben Brown in a North east direction directly across said tract to a cypress at or near the main run of the Swamp known as Hunniford's or Holloway's Swamp, which swamp is the boundary line of said tract on the north east side. We assign to the aforesaid Sidney B. Barham that part of the said tract lying on the south east of the said new line run by us as aforesaid containing by estimation two hundred and thirty three and one half acres and adjoining the lands of the Estate of William T. Warren and others; and to the residuary devizees of Nancy J. Fitchett deceased, we assign that portion of said tract lying Northwest of said newly