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at his office on the 31st January 1868, which were returned to your Commissioner duly executed. The Plaintiff appeared before the commissioner in obedience to said notice, and thereupon he examined the Vouchers and stated and settled the foregoing account of said T. W. Taylers transactions as administrator of the estate of the said Nancy J Fitchett deceased up to 1st January 1868 and find a balance due said estate from said executor on the 31st Decr 1865 of $2986.29 which sum being principal money is entitled to bear interest, from said 31st of December 1865 till paid. Said amount so due was for Confederate money, due said estate during the war for Confederate money received by said executor in payment of debts during the said war and was held by him as directed by the will to receive the slaves of the deceased - this money was left in the hands of the executor at the end of the war, he holding it for the purposes directed by Mrs. Fitchett's will and as your commissioner believes, under the provisions of said will the executor is not responsible for its loss. I find & also report that the Commissioner of the County Court of Surry (a Copy of which is filed in said cause) has fully reported the reasons, as to the balance found due by the said exor: to the decedents estate in Confederate money. I also report that on the 1st January 1868 the said exor had advanced for said estate the sum of $294.59 in principal money, which sum is entitled to bear interest from said 1st January 1868 till paid. Account No 2 Is an account, directed by the decree to be taken of legacies &c Account No 3. Is a list of debts due the estate outstanding, and uncollected. The Commissioner further reports to the Court Dr The estate of Nancy J Fitchett deceased In account with Travis W Tayler executor Dr. 1865 May 18 By Balance due estate this day (in Confederate money) bro't forward from account settled in County Court of Surry, and recorded and not surcharged or falsified 3006.31

 "  "  "  Balance due estate in Currency bro't forward from same acct:     12.35

Dec'r 1 To Robert E Tayler paid him legacy 100.00

 "  "  "  Sheriff of Surry tax on land  1.77
 "  31 By rent of plantation   10.00
"  "  "  8 months interest on $3006.31 Confederate money   $125.26
 "  "  To Balance due estate this day  2986.29

$3028.66 3028.66 1865 Decr 31 By Bal: due estate bro't down (which amount is Confederate money) $2986.29

 "  "  To Balance Currency advanced for estate    79.42

1866 Dec 30 By rent of planation 12.50

 "  To Sheriff of Surry paid County levy   .94
 "  "  5 per Ct Com's. on $12.10 rects    .62
 "  "  By Bal: due exor: this day    68.49

$80.99 80.99 1867 Jany 1 To Bal. due exor bro't down 68.49

 "  To John M Scammell for Coffin   30.00

Nov 10 " Walter C Taylor legacy 100.00 Dec'r 30 By Int: on $68.49 1 year 4.11 To 5 per Ct int. on $4.11 Int rec'd .21 By Bal due exor this day 194.59 $198.70 198.70