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The Cash payment was applied as per statement B. Amount Cash payment $200.300 Paid Clerks fee Paid A. S. Edwards $35.83

 "  Com'r fee Paid A. S. Edwards   15.00
 "  sheriff's fees Paid A. S. Edwards, Exor  11.00
 "  Atto fee & tax ( [illegible])  50.00

5% Com's on $300 15.00 2% " " 18.14 Paid J. A. S. Barham Auch Paid J. A. S. Barham by A. S. Edwards 5.00 $149.97 Bal in Comr's Hands $50.03 The assessed value of said tract of land was $517.00 3/4 of which is $387.75 as will appear a certificate of said assessment herewith returned. The receipts of the parties further payments aforesaid and the purchasers bonds are herewith returned Respectfully submitted A. S. Edwards Fitchett's exor v Hopkins } Com'r Report of Sale and Bonds Filed April 16th 1880