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To the Circuit Court of Surry County The undersigned, a Commissioner appointed by a decree of the said Court pronounced on the 14 day of May 1880 in the Chancery suit therein depending styled "Fitchett's Exor v Hopkins" reports to the Court that he has collected the first [acc't?] of W. T. Fergussin and B. T. Miso as directed by said decree and shown by Statement "A" Bond dated Dec 23 1879 & due Dec 23 1880 for $503.50 Interest from Dec 23 1879 to Sept 27 1881 52.86 Balance in Cmrs hands by a former report 50.03


Charges 5% Cms - on $52.86 int rec'd $ 2.64 Paid Def [illegible] taxes on said land for 1878 4.10 Paid same taxes for 1879 4.07 10.81 Bal in Cmrs hand $595.58 Respectfully submitted A. J. Edwards Comr. Your Commissioner would further report that he has since collected the