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secured and last bond of W T Fergusson and B. T. Miso as directed by said decree and shown by Statement "A". Amt in Cmrs hands as per foregoing Report $595.58 Secured bond of Fergusson & Miso dated Dec 23 1879. Due Dec 23 1881 503.50 Int from Dec 23 1879 to Apl 29 1882 70.99


5% Cms on $70.99 int collected 5.55 Bal in Cmrs hands $1166.52 Respectfully Submitted A. J. Edwards Cmr

Fitchett's Exor v Hopkiins } Com'r Edwards. Report of Collection under decree of May Term 1880 1881 Octo 1st Filed A J Edwards Clk May 1 1882 Filed A. J. Edwards Clk