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Bell one Cot and one small bed, and my Clock and a low chair with deer skin bottom. I give two notes I hold against Elizabeth Bell, widow of William D. Bell, the same to be equally divided between her three children, to wit: Elizabeth, Mary Ann, and William Joseph. I give my tin safe and travelling trunk unto Martha T. Barham, wife of Thomas Barham. I give unto Robert E Taylor, James J. Taylor, and Walter C. Taylor, Sons of Travis W. Taylor, one hundred dollars each, to buy them each a gold watch to be kept and worn by them in remembrance of me. I give to John Fitchett, Son of William Fitchett, one hundred dollars to buy him a gold watch to be kept and worn by him in remembrance of me. I give unto my girl Rebecca Jane one small walnut bedstead together with the bed and furniture. And I request that Mrs Hopkins may be permitted to take any little thing about the house, or on the plantation that she may want. I emancipate and set free the following slaves, to wit: William Willis, Darius, Vicy, Angeline, Mary, Bob, Tom, Eliza, Hannah, Ben, and Rebecca Jane and all my estate remaining after paying the legacies heretofore mentioned, I wish equally divided between the above named Slaves, in order that they may be provided with means to carry them to Liberia. I wish my executor hereafter named to attend to them, and to see that they are comfortably provided for before leaving the United States, and should there not be a sufficient amount left of my estate to provide for their comfortable removal to Liberia, I desire that my executor will hire them (out) out until a sufficient amount has accumulated to pay their passage and to afford them a competency to commence on, when they shall have arrived in Liberia; my executor to be the judge of the amount necessary. And should any of the before mentioned negroes be under age, and not capable of taking care of their money in that event, I desire my executor to pay their proportion over to the man William before mentioned, as I have great Confidence in him, and believe that he will do them justice. Likewise I make constitute and appoint Travis W Taylor to be executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills made by me. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affix my seal this seventeenth day of January, year, eighteen hundred and Sixty. Nancy J. Fitchett (Seal) Test John M Scammell, Joel T. Thompson In Surry County Court 26th January 1863. This last will and testament of Nancy J. Fitchett deceased was this day presented in Court, and proven according to law by the oaths of John M Scammell and Joel T. Thompson, the subscribing witnesses thereto, and thereupon ordered to be recorded. And in motion of Francis W Taylor, the only executor in said will named, who who made oath thereto, And together with Robert C Taylor and William Dillard his securities, (who justified as to their sufficiency on oath) entered into, and acknowledged a bond in the penal term of twenty-eight thousand dollars, Conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probat of said will in due form. Teste Wm. P. Underwood C C