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We the undersigned residuary devisees of Nancy J. Fitchett deceased acknowledge to have received of A. S .Edward Commissioner under a decree of the Circuit Court of Surry County rendered on the 16 day of May 1882. in the chancery suit therein pending styled "Fitchett's Exor vs Hopkins." the sum opposite our respective names in full of the amounts directed to be paid us as residuary legatees of said Nancy J Fitchett, by the decree aforesaid. Said amount received as of June 15, 1882. William Fitchett [signature] William Fitchett $120.74 W. S. Savedge admr of Vicey Hardy, dec'd [signature] W. S. Savedge Adms of Vicey Hardy 120.72 Frank Seawell and Angeline his wife } [signatures] Frank Seawell Angline Seawell 120.74 William George and Mary his wife { [signatures] William George X his mark , Mary George X her mark 120.73 William Faulcin and Rebecca Jane, his wife } [signatures] Wm Faulcin R J Faulcin, 96.59 Herbert Brown and Eliza. his wife} [signatures] Herbert Brown Eliza Brown Robert Hargrave [signature] Robert Hargrave 96.59 Tom Hargrave [signature] Thomas Hargrave 96.59 Amounts carried over 869.29