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The separate answer of Annly. Peirce widow of Ransdell Peirce decd. to the bill exhibited by Wm G. Peirce against her & other defts: This respondent, saving and reserving all benefit of exception to the many errors of the said bill, for answer thereto or to so much thereof as she is advised to answer, says that she admits the execution of the deed in the said bill mentioned to Mitchell & Taliaferro, the death of the said Isabella Peirce, Sarah E. R. Peirce, Ann Peirce former wife of the said Ransdell Peirce, and the death of the said Ransdell Peirce and the making & publishing of his last will and testament as set out in the said bill, and the marriage of this respondent to the said Ransdell Peirce: This respondent further answering says that she submits the construction of the said deed to your honour, insisting that the interests & shares of the said Sarah & Isabella Pierce in the property conveyed by the said deed