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to the said Mitchel and Taliaferro, upon Trust, that the said trustees should hold the same and its future increase for the joint use and support of the said Rausdell Peirce his then wife Anne, and their children Sarah E. R. Peirce, Isabella Peirce, Margaret G. Peirce, Graham Peirce, and your orator William G. Peirce, during the joint lives of the said Rausdell and Anne his wife, and during the life of the survivor of them. And then upon further trust that after the death of both the said Rausdell and Anne his wife, all the land conveyed by the deed aforesaid should be equally divided having regard to quantity, and quality between Ann S. the wife of Reubin Brooke, who was Ann S. Peirce, Mary E. Mitchel, who was Mary E. Peirce, Sarah E. R. Peirce, Isabella Peirce, Margaret Peirce, Joseph Peirce, Graham C. Peirce, and your orator William G. Peirce; Such that the slaves and their increase, and all the other personal property named in said deed should be equally divided between the same parties, excluding Joseph Peirce, who is entitled to no lot or part therein, Provided however, that the said Ann S. Brooke should not be permitted to participate in such division, but upon condition that she shall be charged with and account for $375 advanced her by her father in slaves; and that the said Mary E. Mitchel, should not participate in such divisions, but upon condition that she should be charged with and account for $300 advanced her in like manner. And the aforesaid trustees are further directed, that if before the happening of the events, which entitle the parties to a division of the property conveyed by the said deed, any one of the children before named shall have died, having a child, or children living to assign to such child or children such part as his, her, or their parent would if living be entitled to, your orator further states that the said Rausdell Peirce and Anne - the wife of the said Rausdell at the time of making the deed have both died, and the events therefore have happened which entitle the parties provided for by the deed aforesaid to demand a division of the property named therein according to the conditions + provisions thereof - your orator further shows that since the making of the said deed, and before the death of the said Rausdell Peirce, two of the children [embraced?] in the provisions of the deed, to wit Sarah E. R. Peirce, and Isabell Peirce, died unmarried and without issue, [whenly?] as your orator is advised Rausdell Peirce became by inheritance entitled to their interest in the property aforesaid, that the said Margaret Peirce, intermarried with one Richard N [illegible], and died in the year of having issue an only child Margaret [illegible], who is an infant under the age of twenty one years and that the said Joseph Peirce died in the year having six children, to wit, Robert F, Joseph, Henry C, Walter R, Albert and Ella C, all of whom are infants under the age of twenty one years. Your orator further shows that the said Rausdell Peirce, survived his wife Anne, and subsequently intermarried again and left a widow Ann G. Peirce [him?] surviving. The said R. Peirce made and published a will in the county Court of Westmoreland - a copy of which is herewith filed, marked B. by which he devises and bequeaths his entire interest in the pro-