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[pro]perty aforesaid, to his wife Ann G Peirce, subject to the payment of his debts. The said Rausdell nominated as the Executors of his said will Joseph F Harvey and Robert May Jr both of whom achieved to qualify as such; where upon the said Robert Mayo Jr. qualified as admr. with the will annexed of said R. Peirce. Your orator further states, and charges that it is true, that the said Rausdell Peirce during his life disposed of a considerable amount in value of the stocks of horses, mules, and cattle, and many articles of household furniture; for which your orator is advised his admr. is bound to account to those entitled in remainder - From the facts stated your orator is advised, that the real estate conveyed by the deed aforesaid should be divided into eight parts, of which those who claim under the will of Rausdell Peirce, would all entitled to 2/8 - the interests inherited from Sarah and Issabella - Ann S. Brooke to 1/8, Margaret Herndon infant child of Margaret + Richard Herndon to 1/8 - Graham C Peirce to 1/8 - the infant children of Joseph Peirce to 1/8 - Mary E. Michel to 1/8, and your orator William G. Perce tp 1/8. Such that the slaves and personal property would be divided into seven parts, of which the representatives of R. Peirce would take 2/7, and each of the parties just named, excluding the infant children of Joseph Peirce, would take 1/7 respectively. But your orator is informed the construction [concluded?] for by him is controverted, and that some of the parties contend that the late Rausdell Peirce is entitled to no share or interest in the property conveyed by the deed. Your orator deems it unnecessary to make the heirs