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Peirce vs Peirce & } This cause coming on to be heard upon the papers formerly read, the reports of Commissioners Beale Spence and Chandler of the division of the slaves, in the proceedings mentioned, and the reports of Commissioners Beale, Mayo, Mason & Claybrook, of the sales of the real estate, and the perishable effects of the late Ransdell Peirce, all of which said reports are filed at this term -was argued by counsel on consideration where of, the Court doth confirm the said reports - and the Court doth further adjudge, order, and decree that R L T Beale and Ro. Mayo, who are hereby appointed Commissioners for this purpose, do go on and collect the bonds taken for the sale of the personal effects, and after deducting the costs of sale and collection, pay out the residue to the several parties entitled according to their respective rights - And the Court doth further direct the said last named Commissioners to proceed to collect the bonds taken for the sale of the crops out of which last fund they shall pay all proper charges incurred in the cultivation of the said crops, and all the costs and charges of this suit not heretofore paid, together with the costs of collection and any surplus remaining the said Commissions are directed to pay over to the parties according to their respective rights - And the said Commissioners are required to report their proceedings under this order - But the provisions of this decree touching the collection of the bonds, shall be of no effect, until the said Commissioners shall execute bond in the clerks office of this court in the penalty of $1400- conditioned as the law directs.