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The answer of Robert Mayo Jr: exor: of Ransdell Pierce died: to the bill exhibited in the Cirt: Court of Westmoreland by Wml. Pierce against him and others, defendant. - This respondent, saving &c. &c. for answer to the said bill, or as much thereof as he is advised it concerns him to answer, says- That he admits the execution of the deed referred to in the said bill- the death of Isabella, Ann E. R., Ann and of the said Ransdell Pierce as set out in the same: This respondent says that a suit is already pending & undetermined on the Chancery side of this hon: Court, instituted by the compl. against the said Ransdell Pierce in his life time for an account of the profits of the property convey by the said deed and for any waste thereof by said Ransdell - Not an account of the same has already been ordered and taken in the said funding suit, and this respondent prays to be allowed the benefit of the fact of the said pending suit, as tho' the same were pleaded in the most formal manner refers to the record of the same in the hon: Court now remaining- This respondent denies that the said Ransdell Pierce committed any waste of the property in the said deed mentioned, and that any loss or damage has accrued to the same, save such as was produced by natural causes, wear & tear and the consumption of such as was consumable in the use. This respondent, (if the said bill raises the question) submits the construction of the said deed to your honour, insisting that the said interests & shares of the said Sarah E. R., & Isabella Pierce in the property conveyed, divided upon thus death to the said Ransdell Pierce their father. And having fully answered he prays to be [illegible] dismissed with his costs in this behalf expended &c- Ro: Mayo Jr. Exer R. P. decd: