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The joint and several answer of Reubin Brooke, Ann S. Brooke his wife, and Mary E. Mitchell to a bill exhibited against them and others in Westmoreland Superior Court by William G. Peirce- These respondents now and at all times reserving all rights of exception to the mainfold errors of the said bill, answering such parts of the same as they are advised it is necessary for them to answer, say that they admit the facts set forth in the said bill and are equally with the complamiant desireous of having a partition of the [illegible], and a division of the personally, according to the respective rights of the several parties render the direct [illegible] out- These respondents further say, that they are willing, that partition of the real estate may be made amongth the parties within in kind, or by a sale of the entire subjects or any part thereof as my be most con[illegible] to the interest of the several parties- These respondents further say, that they will [illegible] of the complainant for the sale of the perishable portion of property, and the decision in kind of the slaves- And having fully answered now pray to be hence dismissed with their costs &c