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    As a Circuit Court of [Westmouland?] County [held?] at the Court House on the 19th day of October 1853-William G Peirce    Plff  against   Robert [Margo?] [illegible] of Ransdell Peirce deal     Ann G Peirce [brothers?]    Weghts  } M Chancery -

[One? In?] [motion?] the Court [doth?] assign Charles C Baker guardian at [illegible] to the infant defendants [Marqurs?] [illegible] Robert T Peirce Joseph Peirce [Jenny] C Peirce Walter R Peirce, Albert Peirce, and Ella C. Peirce in this clause whereupon the guardian at [illegible] filed their answer and the adult defendants having filed. Their answers, this clause came on tho be heard by [Counsel?] of parties upon the