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R L T. Beale Comr. 1854 To R. S Herndon Guard. dr. May- To yr daughters 1/7 of proceeds of

               perishable Estate in my hands of 
               R Pierce dec'd.                                                 $79.62,
                By yr daughters 1/5- [illegible] bills    70
                By "                         1/7 shares of 
                  Expenses of Susan                         $9.98
                By my fee bill                                     43.00      $55.68

1855 By my fee for filing answer in Chy. Suit in

                 Westmoreland Sup Court by Peirce vs Peirce's 
                  Admr. M. E. Herndon & others                          25.00

Passed into my account with .3/1

            Herndon-                                                                    36

R L T Beale aty for Pt.