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and that the said slave is of the price of Five hundred dollars, and they do assess the plaintiffs damages by occasion of the detention of the said slave to seven hundred and fifty dollars besides his costs. Therefore it is considered by the court that the plaintiffs recover against the Defendant the negro man slave Dixon aforesaid, of the price aforesaid, if he may be had, but if not then the price aforesaid of him, together with his damages aforesaid in form aforesaid assessed, and his costs by him about his suit in this behalf expended, and the Defendant in mercy &c. Copy Execution which issued on the aforesaid Judgement The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sheriff of Cabell County greeting we command you that of the goods & chattels of Thomas Ward late in your bailiwick you cause to be made $500: Also $750. which Meredith Lambeth late in our county court of Campbell have recovered against him as well for debt it being the value of a negro man slave named Dixon the property of the said Lambeth detained by the said Ward, as for damages by him sustained by occasion of the said Ward detaining said slave Also $31.26 which in the same court was adjudged for his costs in this behalf expended Whereof he is convicted as appears to us of record and that you have the same before the justices of our county court of Campbell at the courthouse in ninety days from the date hereof to render to the said Meredith Lambeth of the debt damages and cost aforesaid, and have then there this writ witness Robert Alexander clerk of our said court the 19th day of July 1814 in the 39th year of the commonwealth Ro. Alexander On which is the following return, to wit, Property executed and aforthcoming