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Henrico at the Courthouse on the first Monday in January next to satisfy the said Meredith Lambeth two hundred dollars, and seventy four dollars fifty three cents which to the said Meredith Lambeth in the same Court were adjudged as well for his damages which he sustained by occasion of the detention of the said Slave as for his costs by him about his suit in that behalf expended. Whereof the said James P. Hopkins is also convicted as appears to us of record. And have then there this writ: Witness Izard. B. Whitlocke Clerk of our said Court this 18th day of November 1809 In the 34 Year of our foundation I. B. Whitlocke Clk

Returned "Not found" Ben Sheppard Dpy for G Slons [C.H.C?]

The following are copies of the Exhibits filed in the foregoing cause The affidavit of Meredith Lambeth of lawful age taken in the Town of Lynchburg, who being duly qualified deponent and sayeth that Jacob Oglesby is a material witness in his suit vs James P. Hopkins now dependg in Henrico Court, that the said Oglesby is a subscribing witness to the bill of sale by which James Halley conveyed his negros in this affiant and will prove the delivery of them, that said Oglesby now stands bound in recognisance to appear at the Hustings Court in Lynchburg on Lynchburg on first Monday in August next, as a witness in behalf of the Commonwealth vs Dolley Armstrong that of consequence he will not be able to attend Henrico Court, this affiant further states that George Payne another witness to the sale and delivery of said Negroes is at present in Lynchb'g, that he is a young man unsettled, & talks of going to the Western Country, that this affiant verily believes he will move or so absent himself before the Termination of his suit with Hopkins that it'll not be practicable to procure his attendance in person to the said suit.

Corporation of Lynchburg to wit,

The above affidavit is duly sworn to the 25th of June 1807 before me

John Lynch Junr. Alderman