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9 the receipt was given on the back of the agreement Question by the same Have you not allways heard Shrader most positively declare that he would not pay Crawford for the boy he sold to Frazer from the first of Coming to this Country, and untill his departure. Answer. I don't recollect of hearing them make any such statement when he first Came to this Country but some time after I did hear him say that he would never pay for the boy unless he was Compelled to do so and that he thought he ought not to pay for the purchase of the boy and he continued to say so until he started home But when he first came in he spoke of dissolving Thurmonds injunction. Question by the same. did not Danl Shrader make your fathers his principal home while in this Country I Believe that he stayed at other places as much as he did at my fathers. Question by the same. Did you at any time ever hear him say he would pay Crawford for the boy sold Frazer Answer. I heard him say Reather than to have a contention he would be willing to loose a part some time before he left this Country Geo L Shrader Amherst County to wit. This Day personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace for the County aforesaid George L Shrader and made oath that the foregoing affidavit which he has subscribed his name as above contains the truth to the best of his knowledge and belief witness my Hand this 18th day of June 1821 - Charles Mundy The affidavit of Wm Clarkson of lawful age taken at the house of Lindsay Coleman on the 18th June 1821 according to notice to be read in evidence in a certain bill of Ingunction now depending in the County Court of Amherst on the