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chancery side of said Court in which Phillip Thurmond & Jno Richeson are Plaintiffs and Nelson Crawford & Daniel Shrader defendants who being first duly sworn on the evangelist of Almighty God Deposeth & Saith - Philip Thurmond furnished Daniel Shrader with corn and a saddle to travel to the west and that he carried the same to Mr Thurmonds in the night - it being the same night that Shrader set out after the said Philip Thurmond returned from Mr. Thurmonds he told this affiant that Shrader had gone and if Nelson Crawford overtook him he would have a long chase. Question by the Defendants Counsel at what time of the night did Phillip Thurmond return. Answer. I do not know but it was after I had been asleep. Question by same. Did you ever hear Thurmond say Nelson Crawford had an interest in the Judgment of Shrader against him. Answer. I did. Question by Same. Did you not hear Thurmond say if Crawford got his money at all he would have a contract at law for it. Answer. I did. Question by Same. How long was it before Shrader departed that you heard him say this. Answer. It was after Shrader had gone away. Question by same. on the night that Thurmond carried the provisions &c to Shrader did you not hear him say he wanted Shrader to make his escape in order to defeat Mr. Crawford of his Claim. Answer. I heard him say he wanted Shrader to make his escape but for what he did not hear him say. Question by same. Where did these Conversations happen. Answer. It was at the house that Phillip Thurmond now resides at. Question by same. Did you live with Mr. Thurmond or how come you there. Answer I rented the place and was living there as Thurmonds tenant. Question by the same. If I understand you rightly there it was from your house that Thurmond carried the provisions &c on the night of Shraders departure. Answer It was from a Crib of Corn on the same plantation, Question by Phllip Thurmond you stated in the body of your affidavit that I furnished Shrader with corn & a saddle to travel to the west and that I carr'd them away in the night. How do you know they were furnished Shrader and did I not leave your house some time before night. Answer. you told me they were for Shrader and it was after night you left my house. Question by same. Did not you understand from me & Shrader that we had contracted for the property some time previous to that and did reported to say say it was to be kept a secret. Answer - I understood the contract had been made before the night Shrader started & how long I know not. Question by the same. Had you not frequently heard me say that Nelson Crawford had treated me very much amiss respecting Shraders debt that I would not have been sued on it if it had not been for him and that the interference with Frazer & myself by selling Frazier the negro boy in part pay of that debt when he knew I had sold Frazier negroes to satisfy the same debt before. Answer. I have heard you say so more than once. Question by the same. Don't you know that I did sell Frazer a family of negroes in payt of that debt. Answer. I heard you and Frazier both say so some time before Christmas 1819. Question by the same. dont you know that