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10 in a matter of controversy now depending in the County Court of Amherst on the Chancery side between Philip Thurmond & John Richeson Plffs & Nelson Crawford & Daniel Shrader deft. after being duly sworn oath that he was at the shoemakers shop of William Thurmond on the 10th day of June 1820 and that he found Philip Thurmond, Daniel Shrader and others at the said place and soon after he the said Pryor entered the house Philip Thurmond a party to this suit observed that he was glad I had come so opportunely as I could draw a contract which he and the said Shrader was about to enter into which contract I drew according to the agreement & directions of said Thurmond and Shrader in substance as follows, That as the said Thurmond was indebted to said Shrader on a bond the principal of which was nine hundred dollars, for which the s'd Shrader had obtained an execution, and the said Shrader living in a foreign state wished to compromise the suit with said Thurmond and not wait the slow operation of law, and the said Shrader agreed to receive a negroe girl a negroe boy a sorrel horse thirty dollars in cash and to have the said two negroes well clothed