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CASA----------------------------------------------------------------------Sold by Wm. F. Gray. The Commonwealth of Virginia, to the Sheriff of Spotsylvania County,


We command you to take Charles S. Johnston & Richard Johnston if they be found within your bailiwick, and them safely keep, so that you have their bodies before the Justices of our said County at the court-house of the said County, on the first Tuesday in Sept. next to satisy Enoch M. Lyles & Co. the sum of two hundred & eleven dollars & twenty four cents with interest thereon at 6 p.m. [illegible] from the 22nd day of March 1804 till paid which they late in our said County court have recovered against the sd. Johnstons for debt, also 8 dollars, 38 cents in the same court were adjudged for their costs by them about their suit in that behalf expended, whereof the said Charles S. Johnston & Richard Johnston And have then there this writ. Witness Robert S. [Chew?], Clerk of our said court, at the court-house aforesaid the 12th day of 12 June 1805, in the twenty ninth year of the Commonwealth. Robert S. [Chew?] A copy Teste R. Stevenson