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[newspaper clipping: left and upper columns partially torn away and presumably not relevant]

Hirelings - Boys Wanted. The subscriber wishes to hire fifty boys from 12 to 16 years of age, to be employed in a tobacco factory, under a contract the he may retain them in his service for five years, paying hire for them annually. The labour of the boys so engaged is immediately more productive to their owners than if employed at other business, and the yearly increase of their value enhances in a much higher degree, whilst the service performed is easy and wholesome. Collin Mcrae. Manchester, Jan 13. 79-tf

Blind Horses Restored to Sight! The subscriber Joseph Sater, of the county of Surry and State of North Carolina, desires to inform the citizens of the United States, that he has obtained a patent from the President of the United States for the purpose of curing the blindness in Horses. He further states that he has a number of certificates from persons in different parts of the Union, of facts shewing tat some horses which were nearly and others entirely blind at the time of the application, have recovered their good sight and retained it as long as seven years after the application was first effected. He has likewise a number of certificates under the hands of physicians in different parts of North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, expressing their belief in the mode of treatment. He desires to give his fellow citizens to understand, that the sight of no horse is recoverable where the eyes have been long blind and the lens of the eye bursted, or the optic nerve destroyed. This will appear from the following considerations: Sometimes the lens is destroyed by glass pounded fine and blown into the eye; sometimes by heat and cold, and when violent fever takes place, it will swell & burst: If not so, it will occasion the optic nerve to swell, and of course the fluid stops and the nerve must perish. The nerve may then be discovered down in the pupil of the eye. If the lens is clear, it will appear somewhat in the shape of a bean. If this should appear white, there is no hope of relief. This cure is at once simple, easy and rational. The operation can be performed in 15 minutes, and one dollar's worth of medicine will be sufficient to cure one hundred horses, that admit of recovery. Applications to be made to the Subscriber by letter addressed to Huntsville Post Office, Surry county, N. O. - or to him in person at Mr. Claiborne Thomas's, in Richmond, (where the experiment has succeeded) for a few days - and after that time, for a short period in the city of New York. Joseph Sater. Jan: 19 81-tf

University of Virginia. Some Professors of the University, and of important branches of Science, being not yet arrived, although they have been, for some time, hourly expected, the public are notified, that as soon as they arrive, an early day will be fixed on for opening the institution, and notice thereof published iwht such details of information as may be necessary to be known to parents and students, previous to entrance into the schools. A.S. Brockenbrough, Procter. Jan. 20. 82-1w

Sabot Hill for Sale. I again offer for sale the portion of the well known Dover estate, on which I reside, 28 miles above Richmond, and half a mile from Dover Mills in the county of Goochland, containing about 400 acres of high land, and 100 of low ground. In point of fertility of soil and local situation, I hazard the assertion that this farm has not its equal in the market, and is surpassed by none on James river, with full confidence that those disposed to view it will not differ with me in opinion. Sabot-Hill is to be sold in anticipation of certain incumbrances not yet due, and may not fall due for a considerable time. These constitute a very large portion of the supposed amount the purchase money - the purchaser having the option to take my place in regard to them, and for one half the balance, a credit of twelve months without interest to be allowed. This sale will take place, on the premises on the 15th day of February, and if the land is sold (which the subscriber confidently expects, from his determination to submit to a sacrifice,) the stock of every description will also be sold on the same day. N. B. For such particulars as cannot be embraced within the limits of an advertizement, reference is made to G. H. Harrison, or Thos: II. Drew in Richmond. A.M. Harrison Jan. 20. 82-wtds

For Liberia. The Hunter is expected to sail in a few days from Norfolk for Liberia, with a reinforcement to the colony. The most of the Emigrants are poor; and the benevolent may have an opportunity of contributing essentially to their convenience, and to the welfare of the colony, by the donation of various useful articles, and implements, such as axes, hatchets, hammers, locks, hinges, spades, nails, saws, files, chisels, cotton cards, spinning wheels, looms, shoes, books, old clothing, or any thing which may be thought useful to a new settlement. For the purpose of receiving such donations, boxes will be prepared at Mr. Wm. Crane's, Mr. Charles M. Mittchell's and Mr. George D. [illegible] Jan. 20