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to their respective interest therein. In tender consideration whereof and for as much as your orator is remidiless in the premises, saive in a court of equity, where such matters are alone cognizable and relievable, your orator prays that the said Cornelia Eley may be made a party defendant to this bill and required on her corporal oath to answer teh same according to the best of her knowledge, remembrance, information and belief; that the claim of your orator as one of the legal heirs of said Jeremiah Joiner deceased be inquired into and determined by the honorable court; that the real estate mentioned be sold and the proceeds thereof be distributed among those entitled according to their respective interest therein. That Wm. M. Reid be allowed a reasonable fee for his services in conducting this suit, that proper process may issue and that such other further and general relief may be afforded your orator as the nature of his case may require, or to equity shall seem meet. And your orator will ever pray &c. Wm. M. Reid p. q.