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George Joiner, Plaintiff vs Cornelia Eley, Defendant } In Chancery This cause, which has been regularly matured at rules and set for hearing, came on this day to be heard upon the bill and exhibits filed and the answer of the defendant filed herein this day by leave of the Court, and was argued by Counsel; On consideration whereof the Court doth adjudge, order and decree that the several matters herein be referred to one of the Commissioners of this Court to inquire into and report upon as follows: 1st. On the issue raised by the defendant's answer: whether the plaintiff George Joiner was a son and legal heir of George Joiner, deceased 2nd. Of what estate real and personal the said Jeremiah Joiner died seized and possessed and the fee simple and annual value of the same. 3rd. What debts are due against the estate of the said Jeremiah Joiner, deceased and the amounts and priorities of the same and to whom they are severally due 4th Any other matter deemed pertinent by the Commissioner or requested by nay of the parties in interest to be stated the commissioner will file with his