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George Joiner Plaintiff vs Caornelia Eley Defendant. This cause came on this day to be again heard upon the papers formerly read and upon the report of Commissioner William H. Stewart made pursuant to a decree entered herein on the 9th day of August 1900, together with the examinations of witnesses returned with said report, and upon the exceptions to said report taken by the plaintiff, and was argued by counsel: On consideration whereof the court doth adjudge, order and decree that an issue be made up and tried at the bar of this court to ascertain and try whether the plaintiff, George Joiner, is to be deemed the legitimate child of George Joiner Sr. mentioned in the proceedings of this cause under sec. 2227 of the Code And it is ordered, that on the trial of the said issue the plaintiff shall maintain the affirmative and the defendant the negative, and on the trial of the said issue, the bill, answer, exhibits, and the depositions of such of the witnesses as are dead at the time of the trial, or where attendance cannot be secured, may be read in evidence, and such other evidence may be introduce by either plaintiff or defendant as may be legal and proper