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George Joiner vs Cornelia Eley } In Chancery. To the Hon. A. S. Watts, Judge of the Court of Hustings for the City of Portsmouth. The petition of Lawson Eley respectfully represents, That believing that his wife Cornelia Eley was the only heir at law of Jeremiah Joiner, he expended $600.00 in improving the real estate of said Joiner devised to him by the will of his father George Joiner, and paid for years the taxes amounting to a large sum, and upon the death of said Jeremiah Joiner paid his funeral expenses amounting to $67.00, no part of which has been ever repaid to him. Your petitioner still believes and asserts that his wife is the only heir at law, but a chancery suit has been brought in this Court by one George Joiner who claims to be a legal son of George Joiner, deceased, and a half brother of the said Jeremiah Joiner, and your petitioner would respectfully request that if such claim be established, that he, your petitioner, may be made a party plaintiff to this suit, and that an account may be taken of his claims and a decree entered for the payment of same, and that all such other, further and general relief may be granted him as the nature of his case requires and to equity shall seem meet. And he will every pray &c. Lawson Ealy