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The answer of Cornelia Eley to a certain bill in chancery exhibited against her in the Court of Hustings for the City of Portsmouth, Virginia, by George Joiner. This defendant now and at all times hereafter, saving and reserving unto herself all benefit and advantage of exception which can or may be had or taken to the many errors, uncertainties and other imperfections in said bill of complaint contained, for answer thereto, or unto so much and such parts thereof as this defendant is advised is or are material or necessary for her to make answer unto, this defendant answering saith: That it is true that her husband, George Joiner departed this life in the latter part of 1878 or first of 1879, seized and possessed of certain real estate in the bill and proceedings mentioned and described, and that he left a will by which he devised the said property to this defendant so long as she should remain his widow, and upon her death or marriage, the remainder to their infant son, Jeremiah Joiner: That it is true that this defendant intermarried with Lawson Eley on the 18th day of February 1881, and it is true that Jeremiah Joiner died on or about December 1899 unmarried, without issue and above the age of 21 years. This defendant however denies that the plaintiff who calls himself George Joiner, is an heir at law of the said Jeremiah Joiner, but on the other hand she alleges that he was no relation whatever to him. This defendant further says that she was married to George Joiner in the City of Portsmouth in the year 1858, and that they lived together continuously as man and wife from that time to the date of his death, that she never heard of his claiming to