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have any prior wife, and from the very nature of the case and the law of the land, it was impossible for him to have any other legal wife than this defendant, or to have had any legal issue except by her. That she had twelve children by the said Geo. Joiner, the first born in the year 1859 but all died in infancy and before their father except the said Jeremiah who was an infant when his father died. She therefore alleges that she was the only heir at law of her son the said Jeremiah Joiner, deceased, and is solely entitled to the real estate in the bill and proceedings mentioned, and that the plaintiff, who calls himself George Joiner, has no interest whatever in said property. This defendant further says that when the said George Joiner died, the buildings on said land were small, dilapidated and almost worthless, and that her present husband, Lawson Eley, spent about $600.00 in improving the same, paid the taxes for many years, and also the funeral expenses of said Jeremiah Joiner. And now having fully answered the complainants bill, this defendant prays hence to be dismissed with her reasonable costs &c. Cornelia Eley x her mark