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(3) for Willis Tucker, and he was still owning young George as his son. CROSS EXAMINATION. 1st Q, How long did George Joiner live at the home of John Denson and what year or years? A. The very year I cant tell and exactly how long I cant say but he lived long enough for George to be born. 2d Q. Did George Joiner belong to Mr. John Denson and if not to whom did he belong. A. He did not belong to Mr. John Denson, he claimed to be a free man. 3d Q. Where was his home? A. I do not know. 4th Q. Did Mr. Denson hire him as long as twelve months? A. George lived with Mr. Denson for some time but I cant tell exactly how long. 5th Q. You have stated in your examination in chief that you did not know whether George Joiner spent his nights at the home of Mr. Denson and that you did not visit there, will you therefore please state how you know that they lived togeather as man and wife? A. I know it from his own words, he and I were personally acquainted I did not stay there nights myself and of course I could not tell whether or not he staid there nights. 6th Q. When did he first tell you that Nancy was his wife, and what was the occasion? A. When he told me I cannot tell but he told me in our associations togeather. 7th Q, Did you know one Sam Culpepper? A. I knew one but do not know whether or not he is the one here referred to. 8th Q. I mean a Samuel Culpeper who claimed to be the husband of Nancy Denson at that time and for many years prior thereto and after? A. I knew that Samuel Culpepper when I was a boy and for many