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(5) A. While I knew that Nancy Denson and George Joiner were living togeather at Julian's creek I had never heard or heard talk of Cornelia Copeland, the report was after I knew they lived at Julian's Creek. 5th. Q. Did George and Nancy live togeather any time after you heard the report that he and Cornelia were married and where did he and Cornelia live after they were married? A. If they did I do not know anything about it and I still lived in the neighborhood, and I did not know where George and Cornelia lived, after they were reported to be married. 6th. Q. When and by whom was Samuel Culpepper sold? A. He was sold by Wilson Martin, his owner, but I do not remember the year, but it was prior to the time he knew George Joiner. And further this deponent sayeth not. signed Samuel Dies x his mark