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(7) and took him with him to work and he always acknowledged him to me from his babyhood up to his death as his son, and I never heard any question raised on the subject. 8th. Q. CROSS EXAMINATION. 1st. Q. How old a man were you when you knew George Joiner deceased? A. I cannot say exactly how old I was then. 2d. Q. Were you a grown man? A. I think I was more of a lad boy. 3d. Q. You have stated that George Joiner and Nancy Denson were man and wife, were you present at the marriage? A. No they never had a marrage what I call a marriage. 4th. Q. How did you know then that they were man and wife? A. By their acknowledgement to me. 5th. Q. Did they occupy the same house? A. there was only oen kitchen there and they must have stayed in that. 6th. Q. Were there not other servants there? A. There was no other servant there but them. 7th. Q. Did you visit Mr. Denson's house often? A. I was there quite often? 8thQ. How often? A. I would be there on Sunday's to visit because George Joiner and myself were youngsters togeather driving carts. 9th Q. Then George Joiner was a lad at the time was he? A. yes, larger than I was and older. 10th. Q. What was the occasion that he told you he was married to Nancy Denson? A. Because when we were joking and playing he told me he was more of a man than I was as he had a wife and child and was the tallest and I did not have any. 11th. Q. Are you sure that he ever told you that he had a wife? A. Yes. 12. Q. Do you know the plaintiff was born at Mr. Denson's