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(2) A. John Denson hired George Joiner and he and Nancy lived togeather as husband and wife until after George Joiner was born. 6th. Q. Did George Joiner the father of the plaintiff live at the house of John Denson or spend his nights there while he was hired by him as you say? A. George Joiner did live at the house of John Denson but as to spending his nights there I cannot say. 7th. Q. How near were you living to John Denson at the time of which your speak? A. Between one and two miles, not to exceed two miles. 8th. Q. Did you ever visit the place while George and Nancy lived together? A. I was not a visitor at that place. 9th. Q. How can you say then that the said George and Nancy recognized each other as husband and wife? A. I was personally acquainted with George and he and I were often together, and his wife Nancy visited my mother. 10th. Q. Can you say whether or not their reputation in the neighborhood where they lived at that time was that of husband and wife? A. They were considered by the people that knew them to be husband and wife. 11th. Q. Do you know what caused the seperation between the said George and Nancy? A. I do not. 12th. Q. Do you know whether George Joiner the father of the plaintiff recognized the plaintiff in this cause as his son? if so in what manner did he recognize him and to what extent? Give your means of knowledge? A. George the elder always owned young George as his son to me from a child, in my presence he owned him as his child to me and to others. When I came home out of the war from Texas I found old man George lightering for Willis Tucker here in Portsmouth and I was lightering for Jack Bracy a short time after I began lightering for Bracy young George went with his father