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(14) 19th Q. You have stated that it was in the year of 1864 that you returned to Portsmouth and began to live with your father state how you are able to fix this date? A. On account of after I came to live with my father in the next year Richmond fell, It was in the fall before Richmond fell that I came to live with my father. 20th Q. You have stated your age as forty six years how are you able to determine that fact? A. I think I am over forty six but according to the gentleman who owned me, Mr. Ames he told me a few days ago that according to his sons age that was about my age. 21st Q. Were you present at your father's death, if so do you know who made the arrangements for the funeral? A. I was there present at his death and the first one to know he was dead I sat up with him all night, and I made the arrangements for the funeral myself with Mr. Bob. Butt, through his wife, After consultation with his wife I went to the undertaker and arranged for the funerial. 22d Q. Commissioner asks. Who paid the funeral expenses? A. I know how it was to be paid, it was to be paid by the societes he belonged to, he belonged to two. I did not pay any part of it. 23 Q. State weather during the time that you lived with your father George Joiner senior, that you were treated as a hiriling or a member of the family by him and his wife? A. He always treated me as a father and she as a mother-in-law always. 24th Q. How did your father and his wife represent you to the people in the community in which you lived? A. My father always represented me to my knowledge as his son and she as her son-in-law or as his son. 25th Q. Who provided your food and clothing while you lived there? A. My father. 25th Q. Who did your washing and kept your clothes in repair?