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(17) As to their relationship? A. George Joiner junior and George Joiner senior were regarded as father and son. 7th Q. Did you ever visit the house where the plaintiff and his reputed father lived in the lifetime of the father? A. Yes. 8th Q. How was the plaintiff treated in the house of his reputed father, as a son or as a hirling? A. As a son. 8th Q, Was the defendant now called Cornelia Eley the wife of George Joiner deceased at that time and was she living with her husband George Joiner deceased? A. Yes. CROSS-EXAMINATION 1st Q. In your examination in chief you say that George Joiner deceased owned the plaintiff as his son, do you mean to say that George Joiner ever told you that the plaintiff was his son? A. Yes sir, not only me but all others. 2d Q. What was the occasion and why should he tell you that George Joiner the plaintiff was his son? A. As parent speaking of his children his father and my father were speaking of what they were going to raise us for and as old people usually talk of their own children. 3d Q. Where did those conversations take place? A. Old "Wood-dock' on County street. 4th Q, Did George Joiner go about the street proclaiming the plaintiff as his son? A. I do not know about going about the streets. 5thQ, Do you know any other Joiner in the city of Portsmouth or County of Norfolk that claims to be a son of George Joiner deceased? A. Well I dont know any other George Joiner. 6th Q. That is not responsive to the question, do you not know that there are other Joiners claiming to be the son of George