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(18) Joiner, deceased? A. I knew but one son of his who claimed to be his son and he is dead. 7th Q, Who was he? A. He was named Jeremiah I think. 8th Q. Do you know one Joe Joiner? A. I know him and that is about all. 9th Q, Have you not heard that he also claims to be the son of George Joiner, deceased? A. Yes. 10th Q. You say that the house in "Lincolnsville" in which the defendant resides is the same in which George Joiner died, is it not a fact that the house when he died was of little or no value and that the present house has been since rebuilt by Cornelia Eley and her present husband, Lawson Eley? A. I have not said so but it is a fact, I would rather have nothing to do with it, it is the same groung and I know nothing else. 11th Q. In your examination in Chief you have said that the plaintiff was treated in the house of George Joiner deceased as his son and not as a hirling, please state the particular manner in which he was treated and enabled you to say that he was treated as a son and not as a hirling? A. He owned him as his son, he was chastised when he did wrong as any other child was. 12th Q. Is there any difference between the chastisement of a son and a hired boy? A. A hired boy if he does not do right you can discharge him and send him home and a son you have to keep him with you, and he served him like I server my father. 13th Q. Then I understand that every time you saw George Joiner, senior he acknowledged the plaintiff as his son? A. At occasions when there was cause for him to say so. RE-EXAMINATION. 1st Q.