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(9) went to see that boy? A. He would always tell me how fine the boy was but I never knew him to visit the boy. 22d. Q. Do you know of your own knowledge whether he contributed anything towards the support of Nancy Denson and her child? A. I do not. REEXAMINATION. 1st. Q. You were asked in your cross examination whether you were present at the marriage of George Joiner senior and Nancy Denson, will you say whether they could have been married in the form in which people are married now and why? A. I was not at the marrage and do not know whether or not they could have been married as people are now. 2d. Q. Can you say whether or not they were free or slaves? A. George Joiner was called a free man and Nancy Denson was a slave. 3d. Q. How many servants did John Denson own at the time George Joiner senior was hired there? A. Nancy was the only one I knew. 4th. Q. In your cross examination you have referred to George Joiner senior as a lad or a boy, older and taller than yourself, was he old enough to have a wife and to be a father? A. I don't know how old he had to be to be a father but he had a little beard coming out and I did not have any. And further this deponent sayeth not signed Sandy Cherry his mark No other witness appearing the further taking of these depositions is continued until until Friday the 30th day of November at the same place and at the same hour. William H Stewart Commissioner in Chancery.