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(I0) Office of William H. Stewart, Portsmouth, Va. 30th day of November, 1900. Present Wm. M. Reid attorney for Plaintiff Edwards & Happer for the defendant. Witness Jiles Cuffee being duly sworn deposes as follows, 1st Q. What is your name, age, occupation, and residence? A. Jules Cuffee, age sixty one years, contracting, live #201 Green Street, Portsmouth, Va. 2d Q. Do you know George Joi and Cornelia Eley the parties to this suit? A. Yes. 3d. How long have you known them? A. Twenty five years or more, and I have known Cornelia Eley for thirty years or more. 4th Q, Did you know the father of George Joiner the plaintiff if so what was his name? A. Yes, his name was George Joiner and I worked with him all through the war. 5th Q, How do you know he was the father of the plaintiff? A. That was what everybody said and he worked with him. 6th Q. Was the plaintiff treated by his reputed father as his son and if so in what way? A. I could not say only he worked with him and when he got ready he went off to work for himself. 7th Q. CROSS-EXAMINATION. 1st Q. You have stated that you knew the father of the plaintiff, George Joi and you knew it because everybody said so, can you now recall any person you ever heard say so and if so will you please state where and when. A. I know several people, Robert Baker was one, John Miller, and several but I could not place them just now. 2d Q, When and where and on what occasion? A. Well I cannot say exactly on what occasion but several times