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(11) they spoke of young George Joiner as the son of the old man George Joiner. A. good many years ago. 3dQ. I do not think that your answer is responsive to my question. You have stated that several people told you on different occasions that George Joiner the plaintiff was the son of George Joiner deceased, I want to know why they should tell you that he was his son? A. As I said I do not know for what cause they said it, I suppose that the old man had told them so. RE-EXAMINATION. 1st. Q. In your cross examination you have referred to Robt. Baker, John Miller and others not named as having told you that George Joiner, deceased was the father of George the plaintiff, were these statements made in the lifetime of George Joiner deceased? A. Yes. 2d. Q. Was this made in the presence of George Joiner deceased? A. No not that I know of. And further this deponent sayeth not. Signed Jiles Cuffee x his mark Witness George Joiner being duly sworn deposes as follows. 1st. Q. What is your name, age, occupation, and residence? A. George Joiner, forty six years of age, laborer, Western Branch, Norfolk County, Va. 2d. Q. Who was your mother and father? A. My mother was named Nancy Denson and my father was named George Joiner? 3d. Q. Where is your mother and father? A. They are both dead. 4th. Q. Wher were you living when you can first remember? A. In Portsmouth, on Crawford street. 5th. Q. With whom did you live? A. Jethro Jenkins. 6th. Q. Did you belong to him? A.