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(19) 1st. Q. In your cross-examination you have said that you knew a certain Joe Joiner and that you had heard that he claimed to be the son of George Joiner deceased, state whether or not the said George Joiner deceased, claimed the said Joe Joiner as his son or in any way acknowledged him as such? A. He. never, not to me and I know nothing of it. 2d. Q. Do you know that George Joiner deceased, ever acknowledged the said Joe Joiner as his son to anybody? A. I cant say as I do. 3d. Q. Can you say whether or not the said Joe Joiner ever lived in the house with his father or received any care from him? A. I cannot say. And further this deponent sayeth not. signed Samuel Fisher Witness James R. Baker being duly sworn deposes as follows: 1st. Q. What is your name, age, occupation and residence? A. James Baker, aged fifty eight years, occupation a lighterman, #210 Effingham street, Portsmouth, Va. 2d. Q. Do you know George Joiner, and Cornelia Eley the parties to his suit? A. Yes. 3d. Q. How long have you known George Joiner the palintiff? A. I have know George Joiner about twenty eight years. 4th. Q. Did you know his father if so what was his name? A. Yes I knew him his name was George Joiner. 5th. Q. State how you can say that he was the father of George Joiner the palintiff? A. I dont know any more about it than they said. He owned him as his father and George joiner, senior owned him as his son. 6th. Q. Was George Joiner senior, know in the community in which he resided and among his acquaintances as the father of George Joiner the plaintiff? A. Yes, he was. 7th. Q. Was George Joiner the plaintiff know in the same community and among the same acquaintances as the son of George