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(22) did for Mr. Cherry? A. Yes. 11th Q. Where was his principal work done? A. On the Dismal Swamp canal. 12th Q. Did he ever make Mr. Jack Cherrys his home at night? A. Not as I know of. 13th. Q. To whom did you belong before the civil war? A. Johnnie Moore. 14th. Q. What relation was Mr. Moore to Mr. Jack Cherry? A. He married Mr. Jack Cherry's daughter. 15th. Q. Did you frequently visit Mr. Jack Cherry's? A. I used to go there often to carry errants for Mr. John Moore. 16th. Q. And you knew Nancy Denson well? A. yes 17th. Q. Did you ever hear that Nancy Denson and George Joiner claimed to be husband and wife? A. No. 18th. Q. Would you have known it if they had so claimed? A. Certainly I would. 19th. Q. What was the reputation of Nancy Denson as to her intercourse with men? Question objected to by counsel for plaintiff. On the ground that the answer whatever it may be is not germaine to the case. A. Well I dont know myself but then people gave her a bad name. 20th. Q. Did Nancy Denson ever have a husband? A. yes a man she called her husband. 21st. Q. What was his name? A. Sam Culpepper. 22d Q. You have stated that George Joiner during the time that he was in that neighborhood resided or lived with his brother in law at the head of the canal will you please give his name? A. Lewis Udley.